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  40 months ago

Mother's day gifties are now available in the rewards centre (read below to win a free giftie)

To celebrate Mother's day we have placed some special gifties in the rewards centre. Including:

Mother's Day Yankee Candle set- A great selection of Yankee candles, beautifully wrapped in a pink box- 100 points

Mother's Day 'Mum' box- A small silver finished trinket box to remind your mom everyday how much you love her- 100 points

Mother's Day champagne set- Treat your mom with a gift full with wow factor: a Moët&Chandon Impérial champagne and exquisite chocolates and truffles- 100 points

If you would like to be spent a free giftie, tell us something special about your mother/guardian/grandmother/a lady that had a special influence on your life, and we will send you a Mother's day giftie.


  40 months ago
I have the best mum, because she always patiently waited for me during long evening when I was a teenager. I know now that this was out of big love she always had for me. She never judged and was aways quick to forgive, ans always had (and still has) the best advice, athough I didn not neccesserily think so at these times, but she always turned out to be right. She tought me the most important thinks in life, and she will always be my greatest teacher, as well as my best friend - undertanding, caring, loving and compassionate. She still spoils me with my favourite meals (and everything she cooks is soooo tasty) when I visit her.


  40 months ago
cool but will they arrive in time


  40 months ago
my mom has been really amazing to me all my life but especially times when I am going through difficulty.
For example, I lost my job this year. She doesn't even have a lot of money herself. She doesn't have a high paying job. She is simply a carer earning the minimum wage. I have a number of medical conditions and she insists on paying for my medication. I am 27 and got a job til June. But she still insists she wants to do this for me. #generous and loving.
I seriously consider her one of my best friends. She is a true gem and deserves a mothers day gift. Would love to win this prize for her so I can give her something in return. Here's hoping!?


  40 months ago
My mother is my best friend. She is a magnificent woman and is a mother of 6 children. She gave up her job to be at home with us when we were growing up. Every day, she had a healthy dinner on the table for us. There is not one day that she would not have a dinner on the table for us! This continues to this very day! We are all grown up now and now my mother is gone back to work. I wish she didn't have to but due to circumstances, she was forced to go back. She works very hard and always works crazy hours weekly- not able for it anymore, but continues to do it!!


  40 months ago
Great idea but I am the mother here. Parents have passed away.


  40 months ago
Aw, this is such a thoughtful and wonderful idea. All my Mum's life she has been such a strong, kind and thoughtful person taking care of all of us. Even when we are all grown up she still cares and worries about us. We get those lovely birthday cards, christmas cards and gifts just as we always did. The phones calls always enquiring how I am.


  40 months ago
Whole my life my mother was a mother and father at once for 4 of us. There was a lot of very tough moments for us, but she never gave up. She is the strongest, the most resourceful, and honest woman I know. Even tho she raised us all by herself we always had everything what we needed. I even think sometimes that if not us, she would probably rule the world. Mommy - I know you will be reading this and I know I keep repeating myself telling you that :D Thank you, I wouldn't be who I am today if not for you.


  40 months ago
lovely idea :)


  40 months ago
that will be very well to do so and thanks for posting this !


  40 months ago
Lovely idea for all the great Moms out there
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