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  12 months ago

NEW Toluna Agony Aunt!

Write your problems below and if you are lucky, Tolunateamie will respond with help!

Does your partner snore? Are you fed up with the kids? Are you at your wits end with work? Post your problem below and let us know.


  12 months ago
My neighbour allways annoys me with her problems. And she does all the wrong things, that's why she has the problems. I gave her advice many times, but she wouldn't take it. And then she comes and complains again.


  12 months ago
All of the above. ha. and im addicted to toluna. help lol


  12 months ago
I have tenant problems. I posted about it earlier in the week. Im at my wit ends with them. Ithas opened my eyes to a lot of things and i will be so much wiser next time. These 2 girls are good friends and practically teamed up....What a headache. One of many incidences that occurred didnt like the fact that Patricia stayed with me when I was at the hose. Was never there for than 2 weeks in the month. I specifically told them this when they moved in. One had the neck to deny it other one said I did but she said i said i would rarely be at my OWN house. The neck of them. I put them in their place when it came to the issue about Patricia! No one was gonna mess with us!!!! :) One of many issues, I wont go on!! Ha ha. Thankfully both will be gone by the 10th of June. Roll on that date!! :) One didnt even give 30 days notice....


  12 months ago
My son's in fifth year and a bit stressed with exams next week. He works hard and always does well but just gets anxious. How do I help him?

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