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  13 months ago

Italy is worse than China....

...I was just looking at the stats on coronavirus and it is so shocking that so many people died form it in comparison to other countires.

The speed of new cases is so fast and the mortality is much higher than even in China.

Many people say we are facing nightmare due to lack of organization and procedures such as China had will apply soon to countries in Europe.

Do you think we are passing the point when we should stop laughing and start panicking?

What makes me laugh is the fact that authorities say NO need to panic, yet WHO is saying we should.

HSE said today that we can expect even 1.9 mln of Irish to be infected by the virus.


  13 months ago
I think we need to get very serious about it and still try and keep a level head


  13 months ago
China and Italy are two countries with really heavy smoking rates. This illness affects the lungs. Stop smoking.


  13 months ago
What Darth says


  13 months ago
Well all you have to do is look at is the stupidity of allowing students to go on school skiing holidays in Italy in the most affected areas and the ease of travel in and out of these areas is/was absolutely ludicrous. Damn right idiotic I say. No wonder it’s got out of hand. Which comes first? Peoples lives or $$$$$$$$$?


  13 months ago
I don't think that people should start panicking but they should take laws and decisions seriously.
If it is said that people have to avoid crowded places and stay at home it is for their own safety and the safety of everybody else.
In this way, there are more possibilities of "win" against this virus.
If people don't understand this and they keep thinking that it is only a game then it will get worse.


  13 months ago
No, Italy only currently seems worse than China because of looking at select no.s that are, for states like Italy, across too narrow a period of time to draw more concrete impressions from. Also, that table alone has five other states with a rate of around 1% or less so why pull Italy out?
Incidentally, Wuhan has a population of about 11 million so China's total confirmed cases equates to about 0.73% of Wuhan's population.
'HSE said today that we can expect even 1.9 mln of Irish to be infected by the virus.'
The HSE didn't exactly say that. The CEO said he could not dispute that no. which are *estimations* of a possible total infection level of about 40% of a population, and furthermore 80% of infections will be low grade. Most infections will not require hospitalisation; which is just as well given the trolley reliance we're still living with.
This isn't the Ebola virus or even in SARs territory and people should stop acting like Covid-19 is some kid of existential threat to the species. It is not. The death rate is roughly and currently 3.4% of all *known* cases but stands a good chance of being lower, and most of those deaths are in at risk groups. That's serious but not breathless panic territory.


  13 months ago
Yes, and I don't like it.


  13 months ago
Yes I knew


  13 months ago
Corona virus fear abounds and guess what? Fear weakens the very function that protects you against any viral infection. Fear ramps up the stress chemicals like cortisol, adrenaline etc... Think of how you get weak in the knees and feel like you've got hit in the stomach when you got really scared. So how does the body protect against viruses? Antibiotics cannot kill a virus, but your immune system can. Our bodies make antibodies which identify and bind to thus marking viruses for destruction. Next our white blood cells rush in and destroy the marked virus. Calm down and know that there are many ways to increase white blood cell count thereby strengthening the immune system.


  13 months ago
live your life... I wouldn't stop everything because of this
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