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  17 months ago

Would you send your child to get education in "Green School"

The Green Free School (Den Gronne Friskole) exists in Copenhagen. Its students learn how to read and write and they study math and science, of course, but the curriculum centers on sustainability. Students are taught how to garden and grow their own food. They make projects out of repurposed materials. They compost, collect rainwater and recycle. There are no rows of desks, no blackboards and no tests. The goal of the school is to prepare the students (about 200 of them, aged from 6 to 15) for the green "transition." That's the transformation toward a sustainable society.

The school's syllabus is modeled on systems thinking and project learning. Students also focus on project learning and hands-on thinking. They grow vegetables in the garden or forage for wild mushrooms, draw pictures of them, then learn how to cook and eat them. Then do experiments on fibers and clothing, learning how much heat it takes to melt a piece of thread and what's the difference between polyester and wool and how long they last. They learn at any early age how to make your own data and be critical and curious about what kind of data you are presented.

They also learn to work with materials and build things (crafts). They learn urban farming in an organic garden that is a 10-minute walk from the school. Starting this spring, their gardening classes will take a new turn as they study seven or eight different ways of gardening in experimental plots that they'll design themselves.

They also take classes in greenwashing, which is learning how to see through misleading claims about whether a company or a product is truly sustainable or environmentally sound. In between the science and the gardening and trips to the beach to study marine life, there are regular moments of quiet reflection with mediation and yoga for students of all ages.

Although traditional education is still important at the school, students don't have tests or exams.

Sustainability and environmentalism are the key focus, however the school works to include everyone without being too strict. For example, they serve plant-based foods exclusively, but allow kids to bring whatever they want to eat. They serve an all-organic and vegan meal once a month and invite everyone.

What do you think of such a school? Would you like your child to get education there?


  17 months ago
Why not


  17 months ago
Love this concept ....if we could integrate some technology, budgeting and life skills


  17 months ago
I think it's good in a sense but I think it's important to include technology and other things. I do agree with no tests and exams as they are only memory tests and not tests on actual problem solving and intelligence. For my son no, this wouldn't work as he has special needs


  17 months ago
I like the whole ethos behind this type of education, and yes if I was a parent of children in that age group I would seriously consider it,


  17 months ago
Probably yes.


  17 months ago
I'm not fully au fait with it but there is a ring of a 'march proudly back into yon past' about it that some eco-types seem to espouse. A suggestion of some degree of anti-technological progress and regression I'm not onboard with. You can teach sustainability without also pretending that technology virtually doesn't exist. Not saying that's the case here just that there is a whiff of it.
Tests and exams are also kinda required to gauge aptitudes and thus shouldn't be excised; they also introduce and get kids used to testing because sooner or later the things usually crop up. Besides, how do any progress to higher learning and involved disciplines if there are no records demonstrating their ability in this or that? Removing them also reinforces the erroneous notion bedding ever further in that exams are intolerable psychological traumas kids simply cannot cope with, and thus need to be protected from by taking them away.


  17 months ago
Amazing concept - should / could be rolled universally & decentralize from urbmania & utilize the landscape & create a balance between rural regions & the asphalt jungle ... I'd do it myself ...


  17 months ago
I think that this kind of school is amazing.
Children need to know how to be "green", especially because they will need this knowledge very soon even to live/survive... their future is going to be hard, because of the pollution and so on...
I think there should be more schools like this one.

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