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  15 months ago

Bookable from now on: The Ultimate Digital Detox Vacation | #TolunaNews

The majority of us agree that we’re addicted to our phones, social media, and the Internet in general. Most travellers would rather forget their underwear, passport or even their child than leave their smartphones at home. Yet, we just can’t seem to break free. Now, an initiative in Britain’s Isle of Man encourages visitors to temporarily swap their digital devices for a collection of old-school alternatives.

The Island is testing out an initiative called ‘Phoneboxes’.The local tourism office has placed lockboxes at various tourist accommodations around the island. Upon arrival, visitors can lock their devices away in a secure phonebox for the duration of their trip. In return, they’ll receive a kit of analog old-school replacements to carry with them during their stay.

For example, instead of using Instagram to keep your friends up-to-date about what you ate for dinner, you receive a paper travel journal to write down your experiences. Instead of a 12-megapixel smartphone camera, you get a film camera with one roll of film that has 24 exposures. Instead of a GPS, there's a map to help visitors navigate the Isle of Man. Mobile games are exchanged for a pack of playing cards.

"This initiative holds the benefits of being able to view our stunning Island through your own eyes and not through the lens of a phone," said Angela Byrne, head of Visit Isle of Man, the government's tourism office. ”Although life without a phone can seem daunting at first, there’s nothing that cannot be solved the good old-fashioned way.”

Research carried out by the Isle of Man showed that 52% of the Brits regularly check work emails while traveling. 29% of Brits said that digital distraction is the main reason why they are unable to switch off on holiday. "The use of technology on holiday has blurred the boundaries of 'home' and 'away,' " said Dr. Brad McKenna and Dr. Wenjie Cai, authors of a 2019 study from Britain that investigated how engaging in digital-free tourism impacted holiday experiences.

Do you think you can survive without your beloved digital devices?

If a similar initiative was set up locally, would you consider booking a ‘digital detox’ vacation?

Tell us what you think in the comments!

Influence your world,

Toluna Team


  15 months ago
Sounds amazing unfortunately with my work it is next than impossible than have more than a day possibly 2 at the very max free


  15 months ago
Well, yes i would book it to try how some days without phone are.
I think that it would be a good holiday... no stress, just you and your holiday :)


  15 months ago
Yes, I can. It's the best holiday ever


  15 months ago
When mobiles came out for mass consumption in the 1990's, I knew then that the orwellian agenda had usurped humanity with not so smart tech. Manx great idea ...

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