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  1 month ago

Hallowe'en decorations

The gates are festooned with cobwebs and strange sights lurk in gardens. Yes, time for the cryptic Hallowe'en decorations. Sometimes it takes me a minute to figure out what they represent. A tombstone, perhaps, or a witch's cat, might be waiting near the door.

We did not adorn homes in this way when I was growing up but saved our energy for costumes and fun games. When you think about it, bobbing for apples could be done anytime today, but this was the harvest season so that was when apples were plentiful in the original feast days of All Hallows' Eve.

Pumpkins were imported when I was young, but so heavy and likely to be squashed, they were expensive and seldom seen. Now we grow them in Ireland and kids can hollow them - a lot easier than carving our native swede turnips.

Our party was more likely to feature apples and nuts than sweets, but today, sweets are the name of the game. Nuts and fruit are in the bowl I provide for kids, and they often opt for a mini choc bar instead. Probably on the basis that fruit would be bought by their mum but sweets would come out of their pocket money.

I remember once we got a coconut when I was small, it was extremely hard and my dad had to take the drill to it, in order to make a hole in the shell. Who knows how old it was? Eventually he got it broken open and we were surprised the liquid and white meat wasn't as sweet as a Bounty bar. Today we are more likely to try pomegranate or Cape gooseberry for exotics.

Costumes were all home made, they did not have to be scary and seldom were. We were encouraged to be inventive.

What did you do at this time when you were younger? Are you going to decorate your garden, or buy exotic fruit and nuts?


  1 month ago
Yes as every year. Reply


  1 month ago
When I was younger we never celebrated it. In my country there is no such thing as Halloween. On 1st November we visit graves on those we lost, we pray, its sad time no parties. Reply


  1 month ago
We always had pumpkins back home . Reply


  1 month ago
Halloween was a time for children, as you say being inventive and creative in making costumes, we never bought costumes for our children they always made them. It was fun. Also simple traditional games were played. Reply


  1 month ago
We used to walk in the woods and tell ghost stories late at night every Halloween. Sadly we all became adults' so that doesn't happen anymore. I like the mixed nuts and the chocolate covered one, any excuse to eat sweets. Reply


  1 month ago
I don't celebrate Halloween. I buy nuts because I like them :) Reply

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