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Ahead of the United Nations' COP26 climate summit next month, high-profile figures are heard expressing their thoughts on the current state of the world and US Climate Envoy John Kerry has said that it's the "last best hope for the world to get its act together."

But what is a COP? For almost three decades, an annual 'Conference of the Parties' brings almost every country in the world together where world leaders and high-profile individuals can discuss a global response to the climate emergency.

Except for 2020, the COP went ahead without fail and since its beginning, climate change has gone from being a fringe issue to a global priority and the conference aims to “avoid dangerous climate change”, as well as to find ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions globally - fairly and sustainably.

However, despite the fact that each country on Earth is treaty-bound to do so, some believe efforts pursued in various parts of the world are inadequate or simply unacceptable. Queen Elizabeth II also expressed discontent in relation to the annual summit, saying how she was irritated by those who "talk" but "don't do" and that she still did not know who was going to attend the event.

The talks will have their focus on holding the Earth's temperature rise to 1.5C, and scientists have predicted it would require global carbon emissions to fall by at least 45% from 2010 levels by the end of this decade. Aside from a brief period of lower emissions due to Covid-19 lockdowns, emissions continue to rise and thwart long-term objectives.

Have you followed any news regarding the United Nations' COP26 to be hosted shortly?

Do you agree that such talks have been encompassing too much "talk" and a lack of actual action?

Are you hopeful that the world can change the trajectory of climate change?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Influence your world,
Toluna Team


  1 month ago
'Are you hopeful that the world can change the trajectory of climate change?'
Right now and despite all that is happening the proposed climate change mitigating measures - just 15 billion a year approx for the next 10yrs - in the current US infrastructure bill are sought to be watered down or excised entirely and pretty much by one senator, VA's Joe Manchin the III no less, who has, funnily enough, significant financial interests in coal. He hasn't been rebuked, no, they're scrambling around for a deal to placate him for his wider support. So, is this COP26 shaping up to be little more than further 'gee whiz, we sure gotta do somethin,' from world leaders and another round of trite 'blah, blah, blah,' observations of the patently obvious that to date not enough has been done? Sure seems that way.
The global energy demand isn't going away, it's increasing. Years ago nuclear* should have been a significant element of baseline generating in the future total energy mix to get us off fossil fuels that are the chief driver of climate change. However, as long as utopic purity in acceptable solutions and squeamishness over nuclear hold sway then most of this, 'we stand at a precipice, we must act now, last chance for reals this time,' etc. will have a ring of insincerity to it. 'Our world is in mortal danger,' doesn't come with principled caveats whereby we *must* do something... but only something that's ideologically acceptable first to the anti-nuclear folks. If things are bad you really don't have a luxury of then being choosy. Alas, instead we collectively seem to be allowing perfection to be the enemy of good.
* - Yes nuclear waste is a very significant disposal issue but it's nowhere near the same ballpark as emissions, the far greater and more immediate problem that's actually fuelling climate change.
Also, as intimated to below, something should probably be done about the green premium situation wherein being individually environmentally responsible is often tied to income such that only those with sufficient means can adopt the most significant measures, or ride out costs without really feeling it. Only those with means can afford the large EV asking price, home-heating conversions or easily weather carbon tax increases that make, for examples, transport and heating costs go up. Hell, the person who can already afford an EV even gets discounts and grants toward it but the person making do with the old and second-hand ICE gets punished. That doesn't seem like the best approach.


  1 month ago
It was always mostly talks and little action :(. The ones that need to act still put their profit before the future of their children...


  1 month ago
yea it is all talk and no proper action by industry and another excuse to overcharge the ordinary buyer


  1 month ago
Until industries take responsibility and change their practices , nothing will change . What ppl do as individuals is a grain of sand . Buying eco friendly is expensive for most pockets.


  1 month ago
COP stands for the Conference of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol. When Ireland signed, if everyone in the country scrapped their petrol cars and bought diesel cars, we would have met our Kyoto targets overnight.
However, not just our but the world's energy uses and materials uses increased so dramatically, and people's lives have become longer. We never met those targets. By now we would need to take all the fossil fuel cars off the road and replace them with cars using renewably generated electric power, and half of those should be replaced by buses conveying many people, as the population has also risen through immigration and more births than deaths.

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